ACE Dairy Cattle Farm Project with IP67 LED Hight Bay

Dairy Farm Located in Idaho, USA | 1800ft in Length and 600ft in Width   



A new dairy farm in Idaho was looking for a lighting solution for the cows in their barns. They wanted to find a energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution that would create a ideal  working environment for their employees and increase milk production from their cows. After researching different options, they choosed ACE’s offer.



The first challenge was to find right type of the LED high bay lights that would meet the specific needs of the dairy farm. The lights needed to be durable, long-lasting, and capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, such as high ammonia and extreme humidity. They also needed to provide a high level of illumination to ensure that the cows were comfortable and productive.

Intelligent lighting is essential for dairy farms in order to provide a comfortable and productive environment for cows.

The use of a lighting control allows a schedule for the daily lighting duration be created individually for the different areas and combined with an illuminance that can be individually adjusted for the respective time, which can have a positive impact on their milk production and overall health.

In addition, with light control in connection with dimmable lights, an abrupt change in the light level, as is the case when the lighting system is switched on or off manually, can be avoided, since this can frighten and unsettle the animals, especially dairy cows.



After careful consideration, ACE recommended SHB series LED High Bay which is a kind of ideal lighting for diary farm.

IP67/IP69K waterproof and corrosion-resistance make it to be a ideal lighting for food-processing or any applications that require frequent cleaning with high-pressure hot water and/or sanitation chemicals.

In addition, Its sleek construction allows for easy clean-up and prevents the accumulation of dust, all openings are sealed. Bacteria and molds have no crevices or recesses in which to thrive.


Product Information

SHB series IP67 LED UFO High Bay with Zigbee Controller



Model: A-SHB150

Wattage: 150W

Lumen Output: 25500 lumens

Dimming: 0-10V Dimming

Smart Control: Plug&Play Zigbee Controller

IP Rating: IP67/IP69K





After installing the LED high bay lights, the dairy farm took an entirely new look immediately. The lights provided a more comfortable and productive environment for the cows, which led to an increase in milk production. Additionally, with their high efficiency and smart controlling, the lights required less energy, minimal maintenance, which saved the farm time and money.

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